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Here’s the recording of my #34c3 talk “Internet of Fails” as a download in English, Spanish or German translation.

If you liked or hated it, please rate it under the button “feedback” (5 = best, 1 = worst) that I can further improve my talking (or language) skills. For me, it was the first time speaking in front of 3500 people (the hall was full!) and I want to thank you for listening and being patient with me.

Unfortunately I cannot react to the feedback in the system directly, so please do write me an e-mail if you want to say anything extra (shroombab – at – gmail dot com). But one thing mentioned from the feedback collected so far: I explained IoT, DDoS & Botnet although this talk was held on a HACKER CONGRESS, because it was an explicit wish of the organizers to include “beginners” and first-time visitors. If you got bored for those three minutes – I apologize!

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The unsecure pink fluffy unicorn that I brought with me and showed during my talk got hacked afterwards within a minute. Here’s a short little video clip. Listen, what it says now!